As in business, personal success starts from the right decisions. Designed for your success, an MBA creates distinctive managers with a comprehensive knowledge of the latest business practices; however, with dozens of MBA programmes available throughout the world, it is increasingly difficult to choose the one, which best matches not just your current needs, but also your future career aspirations.

The MBA is the global gold standard management qualification providing a rigorous and challenging postgraduate business and management experience, and our online blended learning MBAs are designed for those working in a wide variety of managerial, technical and professional roles. Our students develop alongside other experienced international managers and business professionals, facilitating their transition to more effective managers or professionals.

You will enjoy the benefits of a dedicated and experienced teaching team, superb student support and affordable tuition fees with interest-free payment plans. Today’s business is increasingly international, and the overall learning experience is designed to allow you to think and compete globally. Each MBA consists of six taught modules, one of which takes place during a week in one of USTM campuses. Students develop a thorough understanding of key management and leadership skills relevant to their future careers.

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Leadership and Sustainability
  • MBA International Business
  • MBA Energy and Sustainability
  • MBA Media Leadership
  • MBA Finance and Sustainability
  • MBA International Healthcare Management
  • MBA Public Health Management
  • MBA Educational Leadership
  • MBA Tourism
  • MBA Risk Management


  1. Master of Business Administration

The MBA is the prime management qualification for managers. Designed for your success, the MBA creates distinctive managers with a comprehensive knowledge of the latest business practices. This MBA gives you a great overview of the business world and further enhances your knowledge and skills. It provides a much deeper understanding of the business environment and helps you to become a more able manager.

  1. MBA Leadership and Sustainability

In a changing world, leadership is the ability to influence a group towards goals and values, which are sustainable and contain a vision for the future. Designed for tomorrow’s leader, the MBA in Leadership and Sustainability creates distinctive managers with a unique leadership oriented career opportunity. This programme in Leadership and Sustainability creates individuals who are able to be far-sighted and engage actively with their environment to transform ideas into reality responsibly.



  1. MBA International Business

This MBA is designed to help you meet the challenges of the complex environment in which organisations today must increasingly operate, with global markets no longer the sole remit of multinational corporations.  The programme includes a module on the International Marketing and Business Environment, while in the residency you will join with fellow students from a multinational environment to develop the skills needed to tackle globallocal challenges in ethics, responsibility and sustainability.

  1. MBA Energy and Sustainability

The aim of this MBA programme is to provide you with the opportunity to engage in an experience that will enhance your ability to develop and lead, within a sustainability agenda that focuses on the rapid changes in the evolving energy sector. It can act as a catalyst to develop your knowledge and infuse new perspectives to your professional goals. Along with the principal modules it also includes general management modules that will lead to the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

  1. MBA Media Leadership

The MBA Media Leadership equips you with the knowledge and understanding required to analyse, direct and develop business operations in the increasingly important modern media environment, involving journalism, marketing and public relations.  It critically explores key issues and forces that shape the development of media in a global context, particularly convergence of activities, interactivity with audiences and entrepreneurship. You can complete the online MBA in Media Leadership at a pace, place and location which suits you, while continuing to work.

  1. MBA Finance and Sustainability

The MBA in Finance and Sustainability qualification provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of sustainable finance with an analysis of the social, ethical and governance dimensions of different financial service sectors, and evaluates related initiatives from both private and public-benefit perspectives.

  1. MBA International Healthcare Management

The MBA International Healthcare Management is designed to provide healthcare managers with the tools to analyse, direct and develop administrative activities more effectively, in an environment where growing demand is being continually faced with financial constraints.

  1. MBA Public Health Management

Effective public health policy is an increasingly important means of developing a more holistic approach to healthcare, and this MBA programme will equip managers with the tools to analyse, direct and develop activities designed to improve the public health environment of their region.

  1. MBA Educational Leadership

This specialised MBA in Educational Leadership  explores the nature of leadership from both the individual and the collective or depersonalised perspective, and apply them to their own professional context. In addition, students will critically analyse the relationship between leadership, educational purpose, pupil outcomes and tensions created in attempting to measure public value in a service characterized by complexity. Although there may be some bias towards UK practice in particular with respect to case study discussions, the programme should be considered global in terms of its coverage of leadership and education.

  1. MBA Tourism

This specialised MBA in Tourism explores the range of concepts of the functions of management within the tourism industry, evaluating how tourism is structured and organised as a business, and how it can be sustainably operated as a destination in the global context. Although there may be some bias towards Mozambican practice in particular with respect to case study discussions, the programme should be considered global in terms of its coverage of tourism.

  1. MBA Risk Management

This specialised MBA in Risk Management explores the range of concepts and functions of risk management and associated practices within the business sector, evaluating how effective risk management processes and practices are and how risk can be addressed and minimised in business in the global context (although there may be some bias towards Mozambican practice in particular with respect to case study discussions, the programme should be considered global in terms of its coverage of risk).

These MBA programmes all benefit greatly from the internationality derived from and drawing on lecturers and tutors well qualified in their field.

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