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- Dr. Anselmo Orlando Pinto (Coordenator, University of St. Thomas of Mozambique)    

- Dr. Adelino Chissale (University of St. Thomas of Mozambique)

- MSc. Filipe Mazive (University of St. Thomas of Mozambique)

- MSc. Hendro Muchiguere (University of St. Thomas of Mozambique)

- MA. Augusto Chicava (University of St. Thomas of Mozambique

Important Dates

Abstract submission: by 31 May 2017 
Subscriptions: by 28 April 2017  
Full papers submission: by 15 May 2017  
Conference: 13-14 June 2017  


June is the peak of winter in Mozambique and temperatures are the lowest of the year with an avarege of 19ºC minimum and 28ºC maximum.

If you would like to chair a session at the Conference, please let us know and we appretiate your time.


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