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The main aims of the conference are:

- To share experiences and results of research done by experts on St. Thomas Aquinas.

- Identify different and pertinent streams of Thomist thought from diverse contexts of human existence.

- To debate possible contours of Thomist thought for ethics, economy, and education of our time.

- Debate the appropriation of Thomist thought in diverse contexts.

Important Dates

Abstract submission: by 26 May 2017 
Registration: by 23 June 2017  
Full papers submission: by 14 July 2017  
Conference: 17-18 August 2017  


Temperatures in August in Maputo are relatively low with an average of 19ºC minimum and 28ºC maximum.

If you would like to chair a session at the Conference, please let us know and we appretiate your time.


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