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We live in a world full of challenges at global level with consequences at the local level and vice-versa: wars, terrorism, economic crises, political instabilities, widening gap between the rich and the poor, violation of basic children and women’s rights, among others. The solution for these problems appears to be challenging, especially for those who are directly affected by these situations. Therefore, the challenge for higher education instituions, within their role of research teaching and learning processe, is to reflect, understand, and suggest solutions.

Ever since, philosophy is a tool which helps us to understand not only why things are the way the are, but above all, how to solve challenges like these and create a society in which we can live with dignity as human beings. The philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas departs from Aristotle without, however, repeating his thought, and endeavoured to understand fundamental questions of the Middle Ages such as metaphysics, nature, moral virtue, ontology, epistemology, the relationship between the body and the soul and the consequent question of human identity, among others.

In its vastness, the philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas inspired various tendencies of thought for centuries which reflect the challenges in their historical context. This Conference under the theme: Thomism as a philosophy of life is an opportunity for us to bring the philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas and other philosophies inspired by his thought to debate, problematize, and understand today’s puzzling issues. Hence, the Postgraduate School of the University of St. Thomas of Mozambique invites national and foreign researchers to submit their papers.

Important Dates

Abstract submission: by 31 May 2017 
Subscriptions: by 28 April 2017  
Full papers submission: by 15 May 2017  
Conference: 13-14 June 2017  


June is the peak of winter in Mozambique and temperatures are the lowest of the year with an avarege of 19ºC minimum and 28ºC maximum.

If you would like to chair a session at the Conference, please let us know and we appretiate your time.


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